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Certified Psychic Intuitive

This is an 11-month program which meets, currently face to face, for 2 hours per month, located in Eau Claire, WI.  With each in-person class, practice time is built in. We may open this up to either Zoom or video classes in the future.  The cost is currently $30 per class. 


We believe in assisting people to open up to their intuitive/psychic abilities slowly so it's more easily handled and not so overwhelming.  Homework consists of meditation and keeping a journal.  There are some pre-recorded videos that will be on the Audrey Van Wey, RN YouTube channel, which are free. Here is a list of the current curriculum (subject to change at anytime):

Psychic Foundations I

Includes overview of program, psychic senses, and energy. 


Psychic Foundations II

What is the "MAP"?  Review of Psychic Foundations I, Additional information about energy, Meditation Tips, Spirit Guides, and Pendulum use.  Go through stations set up around the room and try psychometry! Answers revealed at the end. You may have an "Aha Moment"!


Deal Me In: How to Read Oracle Cards

Includes handout on basic universal symbolism, spreads, and lots of practice time.  Also includes trying intuitive readings with no cards!


Do You See What I See?  How to See Auras.

Discussion about our energy body: chakras with emphasis on auras, how to see them, and what the colors mean.


Numerology Basics

Learning your life path number, what the meaning of 11:11 and repetitive numbers are, and basic numerology in preparation for Tarot.


Astrology Basics

Basic astrology, with some Moonology as well, in preparation for Tarot.



Pre-requisite to class will be YouTube videos on the Audrey Van Wey, RN channel discussing what the cards are and what they mean.  In class discussion on spreads.  What is "NAMIS"?  Includes in class practice time doing readings on each other.


Divination Tools

Learning about palmistry, crystal ball scrying, using divining rods, trinket readings, bone casting, and more.

Discussion Group

Group discussion about Professional Ethics, Psychic Protection, How to Handle Being An Empath, Akashic Records, Law of Attraction and the real way to Manifest, Soul Contracts, Death and the Dying Process, Life Reviews, Past Lives and Reincarnation, and more.


Final Class: Doing Cold Readings and Certificate Award.

Putting it all together.  Doing readings on someone you don't know, a Cold Reading, with feedback to the instructor on how you did.  Certified Psychic Intuitive Certificate Ceremony awarded at the end.


Videos on YouTube Channel:  Audrey Van Wey, RN.

Topics included on Angels and Archangels, Tarot Cards Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, Pendulum Use, Guided Meditation, and more!

An extra class may be added toward the end of the program to allow students to get together and practice before the final class.

If you are interested in taking this program, please contact us via email at:   Thank you!

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