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Medical Intuitive Course

The Key to Becoming a Medical Intuitive!

This face-to-face Medical Intuitive Course is open to anyone who wants to learn to become a Medical Intuitive.

Advance your intuitive skills to better assist your clients, friends, and family!

Studies have shown Medical Intuitives can be up to 90% accurate or more with their scanning methods.

This is not a healing modality, but a very accurate, excellent skill used to pinpoint areas of imbalance in the body and its energy field that contribute to dis-ease/disease.


Learn about :
**Opening Intuition
**Physical and subtle body anatomy and how they interact with each other.

**How to see the Etheric Layer of the Aura or Energy Field.
**How to scan the body.
**Interpreting abnormalities.
And so much MORE!


Tentative Itinerary:
**Learning about specific skills and methods to be an accurate medical intuitive.
**A 3rd Eye activation to clear any blocks in order to receive additional intuitive information.
**Practice time is scheduled toward the end of class so you can practice the methods on each other before you leave.


Includes class, manual/workbook, Lunch, 3rd Eye Activation, practice, and a Certificate of Course Completion suitable for framing, which will be awarded at the end of class.

See Facebook: "Audrey Van Wey, RN, Psychic Intuitive and Medium" under the 'About' tab, scrolling down toward the bottom of the page to find upcoming class offerings and their detailed descriptions.


To register for a class, please pay the deposit via card to reserve your seat at, scrolling down on the Homepage to the Paypal button.  Thank you!

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