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Certified Psychic Medium

This is an 13 month program meeting, currently face to face, for 2 hours per month, located in Eau Claire, WI.  With each in-person class, practice time is built in. We may open this up to either Zoom or video classes in the future.  The cost is currently $30 per class. 


We believe in assisting people to open up to their mediumship abilities slowly so it's more easily handled and not so overwhelming.  Homework consists of meditation and keeping a journal.  There are some pre-recorded videos that will be on the Audrey Van Wey, RN YouTube channel, which are free. 


The cirriculum is the same as the Certified Psychic Intuitive, but 2 more classes are added:  


Sensing Spirit and Energy, Distinguishing between Male and Female Souls, Practicing Communication, Protecting Yourself, How to Clear a Home or a Person, Helping a Spirit to Cross Over, and more.

Last class will be doing Cold Readings on someone the student doesn't know.  The person receiving the reading will complete a feedback form which is turned into the instructor.  Certified Psychic Intuitive and Medium Certificates will be awarded at the end of this last class.

If you are interested in taking this program, please contact us via email at:   Thank you!

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